Monday, January 3, 2011


As most of you probably know, Zoya is running a promotion on Facebook. If you "like" them on Facebook, you'll get access to a code (valid until Jan. 7) that will get you three free Zoya polishes -- you just need to pay $6.95 for shipping! Considering each polish is $7, that's like getting three polishes for the price of one! The official page is
If you plan on taking advantage of the offer (DOOOO ITTT!), please be patient. The Facebook wall is getting crazy spammed because everyone seems to be freaking out. The site is running really slowly today, because of the high traffic volume -- at one point, had 500,000 people on it!

I plan on doing swatches and reviews the second my polishes come in. I also ordered some color spoons (check Zoya's site to find out what that's all about), so I'm super duper excited. And I'm even more super duper excited because my fiance saw how much I was struggling to get my wish list down to only three. Why is this exciting? Because he took the time to create an account of his own, dealt with a bogged-down site, and placed an order, all without my knowledge! So sweet.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go pace the driveway and wait for the mailman. :P


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