Monday, December 13, 2010

Philosophy Candy Cane Set

I know I should be studying for final exams right now, but I just feel so Christmasy! I'm burning Christmas-scented candles, drinking hot chocolate, and freaking about because there was actually snow on the ground this morning when I woke up! I'm also watching 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. Who could resist a movie where Leslie Neilsen plays Santa with amnesia? :)

Anyway, last night a friend and I did our Christmas gift exchange. She got me this awesome limited edition gift set from Philosophy. (If you're interested in buying it for you or someone else, it retails from Sephora for $22)

Inside the too-adorable-for-words package, there is a Lip Shine (0.5 oz), Foaming Bubble Bath and Shower Gel (4 oz), and Body Lotion (2 oz). I haven't had the chance to try out the shower gel yet, but I see a bubble bath in my near future!

The scent of this stuff is incredible. It's crisp and pepperminty and oh-so-wintry, but there's a sweetness there that really makes this candy cane, instead of straight-up peppermint. I really, really like it.

The lotion is nice. It's not anything too special -- it's just, ya know, a body lotion. It's moisturizing and absorbs quickly. It smells so freaking good, though! SUCH a perfect winter scent.

The gloss is definitely my favorite part of this set. It's thick and slippery without being goopy, sticky, or messy. It's shiny without being "BAM! I'm lip gloss!" It has an average gloss wear time of two to four hours, depending on how much talking, eating, or drinking I'm doing. Speaking of eating, I really don't make a point of licking off my lip gloss (or licking my lips in general -- saliva actually dries out your lips), but this tastes so great. It tastes just like it candy canes! I like the slant tip applicator, but I find the hole to be a bit too large. I often get too much gloss on my lips, which isn't a great look. But I'm willing to deal with that if it means having this stuff on my lips. Seriously. I plan on buying a backup of this.

In case I didn't make it clear, it's a clear gloss. This is what it looks like on its own.

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